What Happens When Both Want Relationship Control

The man is very strong and choleric.  The woman is bullheaded and a control freak.  Both want relationship control but both personalities are too strong to the point that no one would like to bend.  They can’t both be in control, can they?  What happens then?  What will be the scenario?

Traditionally, the woman would have to give the relationship control position to the man.  After all, she is to submit.  However, that does not mean that she no longer has a voice and she is subject to every will and whim of the guy.  No way!  You see, a man can’t just use force to gain relationship control.  One thing they must learn is that women submit better to authority when they feel loved.

So women, let the man take the reigns.  But men, love the woman.  You will be surprised by how smooth your relationship will be.


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